Creekside Homeowners Association

Creekside is a Deed Restricted Community.  As such, Florida statues and the Association documents govern Creekside and are an important part of your understanding as a Creekside homeowner and resident.  Creekside documents consist of the following:



The Declarations.pdf

Approved Parking Policy.pdf

Violation Policy.pdf

 Supplements to the Declaration:

Rules and Regulations.pdf


The ACC Procedures may be downloaded here:  

The ACC Application can be downloaded here:  ACC_Application.pdf  

Our Rules and Regulations require that an Application be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and approved before work starts. If you are painting you should get the paint book to pick approved color. If you are painting the same color you must also put in an application.   

  • You may borrow a copy of the Creekside paint book from Excelsior Community Management, 813-349-6552, and select the desired colors for a. the body, b. the trim, and c. the front door.  
  • Submit the Application to the management company, including your choices for the three colors.  
  • Wait for the ACC and Board of Directors to meet and complete the approval process. This could take one month to complete, so please plan ahead.
  • Proceed with your painting project.

Please don’t forget that you must submit an application for architectural approval PRIOR to completing any exterior modification. This includes pools, fences, accessory and incidental structures, landscaping, exterior painting and anything that will permanently change the exterior of your home or property.  All changes must comply with the covenant. 

The Committee will review your request at their posted meetings, and the Board of Directors will review the Committee’s recommendations at their monthly meeting.  However, if there are questions or not enough information, your request will be put on hold until the appropriate information is received.  Please ensure you are submitting a survey with your modifications drawn on it (if applicable), a detailed description of the modification, materials used, etc. Please do not begin your project without the approval of the committee.